Jul 2, 2016
Hector Lucas
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Why ShowBox is the Best Movie App

With all the tension and stress associated with day to day activities such as work and school, every single person deserves a chance to sit back at the end of the day and wind down with a movie or two. What better way to do this than to do it right on your smartphone using Show Box?

Okay, let me guess, you are worried about the costs of watching a movie online, right? or is it because your phone does not have enough memory? Well, you need not worry any more, with the ShowBox App, you are bound to have a better experience watching movies on your smartphone.

There are many things that give this revolutionary app an edge of competitiveness.

1. First and foremost, most users often worry about the costs associated with watching movies and TV shows on their smartphones. With this application however, this becomes a thing of the past. This is simply because of one reason; the app is free, absolutely free. There is no registration, there are no subscription fees and neither are there any other hidden costs. Even the application download is free!

2. You would expect that since it comes free, it might not be as easy to download, right? It turns out that the app is not only easy to find on the net, but it is also easily downloadable. One only has to visit the official webpage of the app to download it.

3. Then of course there is the fragile issue of compatibility. Smartphone users, whether operating on the iOS,Android, Blackberry or even Kindle Fire OS platforms can download and use this amazing app for free. To cap it all, the app is available even for PC’s.

4. Then comes the best part of all; the variety of movies and TV shows available for selection. With this app, it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for one of those all time classic flicks or a newer (recently released) movie; if you want to watch it, you will find it. Nothing is as good as variety on a boring day, trust me! You could choose to stream the movie directly, or you could choose to download the movie for later viewing; it all depends on you!

5. Another area in which the app scores highly in its features. First of all, the user interface is not only easy to navigate, but it is also quite pleasing to the eye. Believe that comes in handy especially when you have to sift through multiple pages in search of a movie! Secondly, the application creates two distinct categories for movies and TV shows. You do not even have to worry about checking online magazines for information on release dates and the latest episodes of your favorite TV show, the updates feature of the ShowBox app will ensure that you never miss a thing!

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