Oct 16, 2016
Hector Lucas
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Uber vs. Lyft – Facts To Know

Uber and Lyft are companies that allow a person to hail a cab using their phone. Comparatively, these two companies are similar with minor differences when it comes to their popularity. They are virtually the same in size, and most of their basic services appear to be the same. The following is a side by side comparison of the two companies:

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It is noteworthy that both Uber and Lyft compete on pricing so as draw customers way from each other by offering prices a little lower than the other. However, prices vary from one city to the other. The other factor to consider when thinking about the pricing of the two companies is how they charge during peak hours, and in locations where there might be a very high demand for transportation. Notably, both companies’ prices’ surge during peak hours and in areas where there are high demands for transportation.

App Features

These apps have experienced an exponential growth since their inception. However, the difference rears itself when it comes to the operating system you are using. Both of these companies made their apps around the same period, and their apps are designed to connect consumers and the driver.

The functionality of the apps is almost the same, and they are both user-friendly. However, it is worth noting that the Uber app often allows consumers to have a better idea of the entire cost of the ride- a vital thing to consumers. Uber drivers usually complain that the Uber app does not have a feature allowing users to tip the driver- a feature that the Lyft app has.

Customer Support

As both coSDadfcdvwfrwarfmpanies continue to improve, their customer service also improves. However, as of the last check, Uber does not provide a customer service number at all. All it has is an email address. When considering arrival times, Uber is a couple of minutes faster than Lyft, maybe because Uber is larger. However, if a consumer is looking for a friendly ride that allows social interaction, then Lyft is the winner. In fact, Lyft drivers often encourage passengers to take the front seat. Here they get to interact with the customers as they drive them to their destination.


Uber is popular than Lyft as it has a wider network and clientèle than that enjoyed by Lyft. However, Lyft is quickly gaining ground and will soon be on the same wavelength as Uber. Rydely provides a detailed and informative reviews on the features that separate and bring together these two companies.

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