May 25, 2017
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Types Of Land Surveys

Land surveying is the drawing of the boundaries of property. There are however different methods of doing this that vary. Many industries require this service. For example the business industry, construction industry, and the environmental sector. Nowadays due to advancement in technology surveys not all measure land, but also the air as well as water that is above and below us. Different types include topographical survey. Here are the types;

Different Types Of Land Surveys

Boundary Surveysdfsgcvdshcv

As the name suggests, this review establishes the actual boundaries of a given property. Through recorded markers and establishment of new landmarks, actual boundaries of a property will be determined. After this, the corners and lines are marked using markers like iron rods, pipes or nails set in the concrete. A while back, stones and other less permanent markers were used. They often led to confusion in case they were tampered with.

Mortgage Surveys

They determine land boundaries and building locations. They are for formal and business purposes. They are a requirement by title companies and lending institutions when they provide financing. It shows that no structures are encroaching on the property. It also indicates that any structure on the property meets the zoning and building codes. For all those requirements to be met, it is important for a person to get a licensed mortgage surveyor. This is because a mortgage inspection is substandard and does not adhere to any set of regulations.It is also not considered as an official land survey.

Topographic Surveys

These are land surveys that indicate natural and man-made features.For example buildings, land contours, trees, and streams.They are measured for elevation on a piece of land then presented as contour lines. This survey is sometimes a requirement by the government. Engineers and architects also find it useful in the designing of improvements in a site.

Construction Surveys

This is one of the largest aghsvdcgvchdnd most rapidly growing type of land surveys.
Most of the construction surveys fall under the discipline of civil engineering. All projects begin with a site plan which sets out the plan for the whole project. This includes proposed and existing conditions of a site. Consruction surveys are conducted several times during the project. This is to ensure that the project has been completed according to the specifications that were set. This survey is important because it provides that buildings have been constructed in a proper manner according to the plan.

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