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Jul 14, 2015
Hector Lucas
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Selecting Best Dog Tracking System

A dog tracking system usually comes with a collar and receiver. The receiver may be a larger model or a handheld wireless unit. It can easily fit in your backpack or left in the car. If you are a regular hunter, you will find handheld units the perfect choice due to their flexibility and portability.

They provide pet owners with the right information about whereabouts of their dogs. Collars act as transmitters, Dog Tracking 03which send radio signals to the receiver. It is from here the pet dog owner can obtain vital information regarding their pets. Usually, the signal is transmitted through radio or GPS tracking systems. The following are some of the things to take into account when buying these devices:

Unit Weight

This is crucial as portability plays an important role in tracking. The tracker should not be a burden to carry and should be easily carried by your backpack to wherever you are going. Also consider the carrying case for this unit and how you will easily carry it. This will greatly influence how the transmitter is quickly used.

Distance covered

It is important to note that terrains greatly influence the performance of the tracking systems. For instance, dense foliage effects GPS systems, and rolling hills tend to cut the power of the radio tracking system. Therefore, survey the areas you are going outdoors with your dog in order to find out the impact of terrain it will have on your tracking. Radio systems normally go to a range of 12 miles and GPS systems go to about 7 miles. If you take into account the various obstacles on the way, the distance can be greatly reduced.


Nowadays, the cost of these systems is relatively low compared to other years. It is now easy to afford these devices. Depending on your budget, you can get premium units currently on the marketing. You will get what you are paying for.

Dog Tracking 02Battery life

If you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors with your dog, then battery life is an important factor. As you stay outside for long hours, the battery charge continues diminishing. Radio tracking units have been found to have better battery life as compared to their GPS counterparts.


How are you going to use the tracking system? For instance, you have more than one dog. You need dog tracking system that meets your requirements and gives you peace of mind.

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