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Jan 5, 2018
Hector Lucas
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Scheduled fax sending and call answering

Most fax service devices and applications are user defined in that they work according to user preference. It involves both sending of faxes digitally and answering of fax calls through what is termed as fax scheduling.

Fax scheduling can literally and precisely be defined as the process of arranging, optimizing, controlling and allocating time stamps to fax workloads to be executed at desired time periods.

Fax scheduled call answering

The configuration of fax answering options is usually via many different ways according to a user’s specific 002requirements. Most of the faxing services that allow call answering provide users with an opportunity to answer calls based on user-defined call answering schedules or distinct type of ringtones configured for incoming calls.

To schedule calls, there are certain options required to be set and this is unique to most faxing applications and services. All of them possess an option where users can select to configure or setup the answering of calls based on schedules. In most of these applications and services, after enabling this option, a schedule manager pops up which allows users to set rules for answering fax calls.

Answer schedule rules configuration

To determine the answering of the incoming fax calls, most of these services and applications provide a schedule rule window that users can customize the rules and set call priorities which the in-built software uses to determine how to receive the incoming fax calls. These schedule rules also provide options for setting up times, dates and days of the week which enables automated reception of calls according to the schedules. The schedule rules also offer additional options for modification, deleting and setting of device hotkeys for automatically receiving incoming calls.

Distinct call ringtones.

Distinct call tone is a service that enables a user with a huge contact list to assign each contact a different ring 003pattern that is distinct to other user configured ringtones. Normally, gadgets operating under windows have distinctive ringtones managed by a Windows modem and Windows TAPI that routes calls based on information presented by the modem to either a regular phone call or a fax call where now the fax call is managed by the fax call configuration.

Written-fax scheduling.

Besides fax calls, actual written faxes provide scheduling options for sending on specific time periods. This can be done by modifying the schedule configuration, properties, and fax information in the outbox and the transaction of the faxes associated.

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