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Jan 24, 2018
Hector Lucas

Teaching English in China Public Schools

With a diverse culture, a fascinating history and irresistible culinary traditions, China is one of the best and most homey places to work in. Some of the easiest jobs to find in the country are English teaching jobs since China has over 1 billion people who do not speak English. As a trained teacher you can teach English in private schools. If you are thinking of relocating to China to teach English in China public schools, here are some of the tips you should put to consideration.

Best tips

Teacher’s salary

One of the most common concerns about English teaching jobs in China is the wages that the teachers are paid. The jhjhjhjhjhjhrange of these salaries is between $900 and $1500 per month. While this may not be enough to sustain yourself in China and send some money back home, it is worth noting that the salaries for English teachers have been on the rise. For teachers who have been teaching English in the country for over five years, it is possible to earn as much as $2500 per month.

Proper documentation

For you to legally work and live in China as an English teacher, you require having the proper documentation. This includes having the z visa as well as other official papers that you may be needed to have to work in the country. It is paramount to have all the necessary paperwork as the wrath and ruthlessness of the Chinese government is not enjoyable at all. The country has zero patience and tolerance to foreigners without the necessary paperwork. When caught, you will be deported back home immediately. Apply for work permits from the Chinese embassy or consulate in your countries of origin.

Learn the workplace culture

Working in China can be quite different from working in your home country especially if you are not from Asia. Due to this, it is important to familiarize yourself with the workplace culture before you commence your teaching job in China. You need to know how to live peacefully with people of different nationalities and races. What is more important about the workplace culture you need to know when moving to China is that you need to be professional in all your undertakings. China has very strict laws, and the rule of the land should be observed at all times.

Handling discrimination

zxxzxzxxzxzChina is mostly a homogenous nation with the Chinese people being the majority. Like in any other foreign land, you can expect to face discrimination and racial profiling especially when you are new in the country. You should be ready to handle the conservative views from the less-friendly people, but even so, you should be optimistic about teaching English in China.

When planning to teach English in China public schools, always look for schools with the best salaries and other added benefits for you to enjoy working and living in the country.

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